Our Programs

The Chamber implements programs to foster growth

The Chamber implements programs to foster growth

The Somali American Chamber hosts business development, professional development, leadership development and strategic networking events for our members.

Business Development

Our workshops and trainings are designed to help you expand or start your business. Our classes are perfect for entrepreneurs looking to secure capital or business owners continuing their professional development. Graduates of our programs will be eligible for financing through our partner NDC.

Business Services

We offer our members a wide range of business solutions to assist you in managing your business. We're always ready to directly provide requested services or to connect those seeking assistance with partner providers who can help.

Certification Assistance

We help our members move their businesses through the certification process toward fruitful relationships and contracting opportunities. As corporations and government America become more inclusive and further diversifies their supply chains, certification offers the opportunity for Somali American businesses to access more procurement contracts and grow.

Leadership Development

We provide the leaders of today and the future the tools, experiences, and connections to optimize their impact in their communities. Whether you're a young professional, student, or a seasoned executive, we want to help you build your skills. 

Networking & Events

We facilitate a number of strategic networking events throughout the year to provide opportunities for our members to meet one another, key corporate and government staff, and other stakeholders.